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Transmission Replacement

Today’s automatic transmission are more complex than ever – they’re a combination of electronics, hydraulics and mechanical assemblies that run on extremely close and precise tolerances. They’re more reliable and efficient than ever, but when they get problems…they can be very expensive problems.

Fluid is the lifeblood of any transmission – it cools and lubricates internal assemblies and helps transfer torque and power through the unit by means of hydraulic circuits. While there were only a few brands of transmission fluid 30 years ago, there are more than a dozen today. Each unique recipe of transmission fluid has properties that are developed for specific makes of vehicles and using the wrong fluid accidentally can quickly damage or even destroy a transmission.

Fluid tends to break down over time, however, and its breakdown is much quicker in vehicles that are used for heavy haulings, such as trucks that haul heavy loads or pull trailers. Burned, worn transmission fluid is the enemy of a transmission, as it develops shellac-like sediments that can build up on internal passages and cause transmission failure.

It’s more important than ever to make sure that your transmission is properly maintained. At Master Auto and Tire, we perform transmission maintenance, including transmission fluid exchange. We eliminate all old fluid from the unit and fill it with fresh fluid for many tens of thousands of more miles of use!

Get a Hassle-Free Transmission Replacement at Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves!

At Master Auto and Tire, we can also perform transmission replacement, swapping the entire unit for a new or re-manufactured transmission. That includes all necessary connections and electrical hookups, fresh fluid, troubleshooting and everything else that goes along with this complex job.

At Master Auto and Tire, our ASE-certified technicians are experienced and trained in transmission maintenance and replacement. Don’t trust this sophisticated assembly to just any repair shop – leave your transmission in our hands. We’ve got thousands of satisfied customers around the greater St Louis area, and we back our work with an exclusive “No Hassle 2-year/24,000 mile warranty. Why take chances going anywhere else? See us first at Master Auto and Tire.