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Tire Installation

Whether it’s for wear and tear, performance upgrades, seasonal performance or better ride quality, there are many reasons to buy new tires. Whatever the reason, Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves in St. Louis, MO offers professional, affordable tire installation and excellent no-nonsense advice to get you the best tires to meet your goals.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Tires

The most common reason people see us for new tires is excessive tire wear. Gripping the road is a lot of work for your tires and eventually the tread is going to wear thin. Age and the elements can also wreak havoc on your tires. Look for the following signs that your car needs new shoes:
  • Excessive tread wear – slide a penny down into the tread with Lincoln’s head upside down. If you can see the president’s whole head then your tires tread depth is dangerously low.
  • Steel threading – your tires have steel bands in them for added strength. If you can see any of the steel wires sticking out of the tire it is time for immediate replacement.
  • Uneven wear – Slide your bare hand over your tread (don’t do this if you have steel threads showing.  They can cut your skin).   Your tread should feel smooth and flat or slightly domed. If there is cupping in the middle, more tread on one side than the other or a choppy feel then it may be time for replacement.
  • Sidewall or tread irregularity – any bulges, bumps or soft spots in the tread or sidewall area can mean dangerous damage and imminent failure. Come see us immediately.
Close up of tire tread

What is Included with a Tire Installation?

Even if your tires are in passable shape, the right set of tires can help improve wet, dry or winter handling, improve the vehicle’s ride and reduce road nose. Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves even carries tires that improve fuel mileage without sacrificing performance.

But buying new tires from Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves is not all about the rubber. We employ the latest tools and machinery to ensure you get a great installation. Newer aluminum alloy wheels can be a challenge for old school shops, but our state-of-the-art equipment is specifically designed to protect these types of wheels from damage. Every tire installation at Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves includes:

  • Checking lug nuts and studs for excessive wear
  • New valve stems
  • Safe removal and responsible disposal of your old tires
  • Mounting the tires on your wheels
  • Computer aided tire balancing
  • Wheel, brake and tire compatibility and clearance check
  • Properly tightening the lug nuts to the correct torque specs

All this, and a tradition of excellence and trust makes Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves the area’s first choice for the right tires and the best quality installation service in town. Schedule a visit today and put our tire and service professionals to the test.

Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves Offers Quality Tire Installation in St. Louis, MO

We are your place for all of your tire questions and needs! Browse our sizable stock of tires, compare tire specifications and prices, and make certain you are receiving the best tires for your needs prior to buying. Call us soon to schedule your next tire installation and auto repair service in St. Louis, MO.