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State Emission Failure Testing

Have you recently had a state safety or emissions inspection and failed? Don’t fret, Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves in St Louis, MO has you covered! Our state of the art technology can read your vehicle’s computer giving us valuable information about your emissions output as well as ignition timing, fuel metering, and other performance functions. Make an appointment today to have your vehicle check and to schedule the needed repairs.

What Happens When I Fail an Emissions Inspection?

If a vehicle does not pass an inspection, you have 20 business days (holidays and weekends excluded) from the date you first had the inspection done to get the vehicle retested in order to be eligible for a free retest. So you’ll want to get into the shop right away to have the repairs completed before the deadline.

When does my vehicle have to be inspected?

Once a year you are required to have a emissions test performed on your vehicle. For more information about what tests your vehicle will require, click here.

Quality Missouri State Emissions Failure Testing in St Louis, MO

If your vehicle has failed a state emissions test in recently, think Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves! Our expert technicians are standing by, ready to help get you back on the road with confidence. Make an appointment online or drop by our shop on Watson Road today!