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Oil Change

Avoid Permanently Damaging Your Vehicle's Engine —

Schedule a 30 Minute Oil Change Service & Checkup Every 3K-5K Miles with Master Auto!

Oil Change St Louis Mo

Since vehicle manufacturers have extended oil-change intervals to 5000 miles and beyond, more engines are being neglected and damaged permanently. Unfortunately, few vehicle owners regularly check their oil levels and often go beyond the recommended mileage. Don’t let it happen to you!

Protect Your Vehicle Before It’s Too Late!

If your vehicle has excessive mileage since your last oil change, or your oil level has dropped dangerously low, you should come in for an oil change right away before you start noticing more problems, like:

Dark brown or black oil
Louder engine noise

Knocking sounds
Check Engine light is illuminated

Increase in exhaust smoke
Oil smell inside the cabin

Wrench on Caliper

Your Oil Change May Be Overdue, Which Can Lead To More Problems

When oil is dirty or at a low level, it starves internal engine components that need lubrication. Tiny passageways get clogged and blocked with sludge.

And all of this is going on without us even realizing it…until the check engine light comes on, we hear ticking or knocking from the engine, or the engine lacks power.

Our Professional Technicians Are Certified to Handle Your Oil Change & Any Other Auto Service You May Need

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