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Loaner Car Information

Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves offers Loaner Vehicles!

It’s stressful having a vehicle in the shop for repairs, especially if you don’t have a second car to get around in. Trips to work, the store, school, etc. go from routine to being a major hassle. You can’t rely on the bus or public transportation, and constantly having to take a cab or Uber everywhere can get expensive quickly – as can having a rental car.

At Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves, we get that... and just because your vehicle’s down and in the shop, doesn’t mean you have to be stuck without a vehicle.

That’s why we have a fleet of eight loaner cars for our customers, for just such a situation. If your car’s going to be with us for an extended period or needs several repairs that could take a prolonged time to fix, we’ll make a loaner car available to you at no charge. That means a lot fewer headaches for the families and busy professionals among our customers!

We only ask a few things of you:

  • Please clean up after yourself and return our loaner car in the same condition as you when you picked it up
  • Please refuel the loaner before returning it
  • No pets, please
  • You’ll be required to carry insurance, and sign a document when you pick the loaner car up

Free loaner cars are just one more reason why people like how we do business here at Master Auto Repair of Webster Groves. It makes life a little bit easier for our customers, and it’s the kind of thing you won’t find at very many auto repair shops in the Webster Groves area. Drive our car while we fix yours…what more could you ask for?

Loaner Vehicle Program St Louis MO